Community Guidelines

UVENTS is an event management system for Event Organizer to plan and organize promotional, business and social events (Example: Conference, Convention, Symposium, Workshop, etc) organized by NUS faculties/departments which aims to support the lifelong learning business operation. The functionalities in UVENTs provide an end-to-end system flow from registration, abstract/paper submission to overseeing the logistics leading up to and during an event for attendance check-in/out with post-event features such as survey and reports. The configurations of the event are to be self-setup by the Event Organizer based on each event's needs.

Be honest

NUS values integrity highly and so do we.

Be welcoming and friendly

We strive to be a community that is all welcoming and friendly. To support people of all background and beliefs. We hope that you will display consideration and kindness with the people of the community. We want to create a positive learning and enriching environment for our community.

No spamming

Do not use our site's registration system to haress or impersonate others.