We make SMART STRESS BALLS!😼 We are with you and your mental well-being. 🤩 Join the #SQUEEZY fam! 👉🏻👈🏻

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Squeezy is more than a ball. Squeezy is a companion. Squeezy's favorite food is stress. When you don’t play with it, it becomes a bit down and lonely (ball turns blue). When you start squeezing it, Squeezy is happy because he loves to get squeezed and played with (balls turns yellow). After a certain number of squeezes, Squeezy feels tired (ball turns red). After it is well rested, it feels neutral (the ball turns green). Slowly, it feels bored again (ball turns blue again). The cycle continues.

Squeezy may be able to show some simple colors, make some simple sounds and vibrations, but it can't speak. However, it can make simple conversations using some simple English it picked up with you via the squeezy app. Although it may not understand everything you say, it will be there with you and give you its best shot by suggesting you simple relaxation techniques just like any friend would.

Moreover, through the app, Squeezy is able to tell you what are the times that you’ve played with it, the counts that you’ve squeezed it and how hard you’ve squeezed it. You also can play some games using Squeezy as a controller such as Flappy bird. After that, it can suggest ways to relax. At the end of the day, Squeezy would automatically send you a notification to recharge.