Whispers SG

A privacy-focused social network that promotes authentic and honest sharing without fear of judgment. Share your real stories, and discover different perspectives.



Have you ever wanted a place to share an interesting story, ask for help, or just get something off your chest, but didn’t want to let others know who you are?

Whispers SG is an anonymous online safe space for you to do just that. With a growing number of diverse communities (NUS, SMU, Computing, Arts, Singapore, etc.), it’s easy to find one you relate to.

Experience a new kind of freedom on social media, with interesting, intimate stories😲, light-hearted memes😂, and exciting polls📊 on Whispers SG!

What are you curious about? What stories do you have to share? Find out on Whispers SG!

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  1. Computing Majors: t.me/whispers_computing
  2. NUS Whispers: t.me/whispers_sg_nus
  3. SMU Confessions t.me/smu_confessions
  4. AlumNUS t.me/alumnus_whispers